About the Inspired Organizer® Network

Inspired Organizer® is an independent business program that promotes making the life of the client simpler from square one.

Professional organizing is a fast-growing field. Often, the many certifications, affiliations, and credits an organizer holds can confuse and overwhelm clients that are looking for a personalized experience.


Simply put, Inspired Organizer® is NOT a certification, a franchise, or a training on “how to organize” according to a particular method. We are not affiliated with any other professional organization.


Our students come from diverse backgrounds and types of qualifications, but have in common a shared passion for developing a business model that truly meets the needs of their clients.


The organizer who displays our badge is likely to be employing our tested systems and strategies in order to make the client’s experience seamless, and ultimately luxurious. You’ll discover the ease and joy of working with this organizer from the time you first contact them, throughout their service, and beyond.


An organizer’s choice to join the Inspired Organizer® program demonstrates a substantial investment in her business and professional life. We not only teach a business model, but an entrepreneurial lifestyle that endorses self-care and continuous improvement for the organizer so that you can receive the outstanding service you deserve.


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